Vaxy Products
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Vaxy Products

Our best-selling products are loved by our community for their efficiency and effectiveness. Customers are offered a direct supply of our wax that is available in many varieties – each having unique set of properties, natural aromas as well as exceptional results.

Our flagships include Vaxy Waxing Strips, Vaxy Post Wax Wipes and Vaxy Wax Warmer with a professional portable electric hair removal kit. Our products have the essence of Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Mint Oil to make sure that your sensitive skin gets the most out of the treatment. The Total Body Waxing Spa enables women as well as men to have an amazing experience and complete satisfaction.

Our wax warmers and Pre/Post Treatments are all professionally crafted to compliment our wax collection to perfection. Giving massive importance to the input and support form our customers have made us the company we are today. We invite you to have a look at our complete collection that would be your go-to products every time you need to wax. If you have any sort of query whatsoever, feel free to contact us. Your opinion is most valuable to our continued success.

We Are a Cruelty Free Organization
Waxing should make everyone feel good and loved. Being the members of Choose Cruelty Free, an organization that protects the rights of animals, we make sure that your beauty is attended to – both inner and outer with a clear conscience!

Dermatologically Tested Products
Waxing can be a little uncomfortable. But don’t worry! With our professional grade synthetic resins your skin would not be irritated. As all our products have been dermatologically tested and provides a nourishing treatment for a sensitive skin.

Fragrance Free
To make our products, we use only the highest quality ingredients and carefully tested formulas so that you may get the ultimate experience. Why? Because we believe that cheap chemicals or resin smell with a touch of fragrance can harm your skin.

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