Vaxy Strawberry Depilatory Wax Cream Salon Face Body Leg Hair Removal

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High performance, professional grade formulation creamy strip wax

  • Ideal for home and Salon use

  • Perfect for all area of waxing and all hair types.

  • Suitable for all skins

  • Melting point 55C in room temperature.

  • Pot dimensions : cm (W) 10 (D)3 (H)6

WAXING Directions

  • Open the wax container lid and placed the pot into the inner chamber of Vaxy wax warmer.

  • Plug in and turn on the heater setting to the required temperature.

  • Allow wax to melt completely, heat to Luke- warm temperature, and stir consistency.

  • Clean the area to be treated with warm water to open the pores and it will make the hair easier to remove. You can get the best results when the skin is clean.

  • Stir the Wax with spatula and test temperature before use.

  • Use Wooden Spatula to apply the wax to a patch of skin in the direction of the hair growth.

  • Place paper strip over waxed area and smooth firmly In the direction as hair growth.

  • Wait approximately 10 seconds, then rip the strip from the skin I the opposite direction to the hair growth.

  • Try to pull the Wax strip, keeping your hand close and parallel to the skin

  • Remove any trace of wax using pro wax wipes.

  • Use the After Wax Oil treatment to soothe and moisturise the area treated.

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3 reviews for Vaxy Strawberry Depilatory Wax Cream Salon Face Body Leg Hair Removal

  1. Sylvia Bulam

    Frankly niquel, I had a wax that unfortunately no longer exists and I took this one really perfect for the legs! Its very liquid side is normal and allows application in small quantities for the same efficiency! The pots therefore allow many hair removal and even on the hair yard. I recommend

  2. Liana

    Absolutely love this wax, it’s my first time using this specific brand!
    I normally struggle with finding a wax that does get those short or fine hairs but this gets all of them!!
    It’s my first time using this brand and a creme base is ax but will definitely use moving forward!
    It’s easy to apply and fantastic to remove, not much residue is left over and just take a strip to it to remove the little excess and it’s gone! I still use after wax lotion as well.
    This is perfect for all areas of the body, I use this specifically for my legs, bikini line, armpits, eyebrows and lip!
    I have very sensitive son and allergic to a common preservative in most products and it’s not in this and had no reactions! 🙌🏼


    It is very sticky but still it is the best wax. It removes the hair all at once n does not leave those small hairs. Hairs grow back very late so it lasts quite longer then usual wax. Best way to remove wax from unwanted parts is to use any kind of oil.. just wipe it off with oil n a cloth.

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