Useful Techniques when Waxing

  • First practice the application of cold cream on your skin.
  • Do not decrease, or increase, the distance as the thickness will not be even. Make sure you practice spreading cold cream on your leg or arm until you are able to make it smooth and level.
  • Apply cloth to leave a minimum of 1 or 2 inches free. Make it smooth using your palm without pushing too hard. Ensure the wax shows sign of starting to push via the cloth without really pushing through.
  • Ensure this is done in the path the hair grows. 2 swipes over the top are enough. Hold the skin taut, while the other hand pulls the strip cloth against the direction of the hair grows.
  • Keep your hand very close to your skin and make use of the free hand to tap the waxed area.
  • Look at the cloth’s position after you complete pulling the strip. It should be very near to your skin.
  • Practice halting your own hand to establish if is near the skin. Tapping small regions and gently slapping huge areas is considered. Ensure that the skin is taut, it is very important. Holding the skin taut ensures the muscle never contracts and activates oil glands in the skin. This would fill oil in the follicle and could result in bumps.
  • On each inch of the skin there are around 13,000 nerves, which means by holding the skin taut will help eliminate discomfort on your skin. Bruising occurs after the skin snaps into its original place after the removal of the strip.

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